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Drone Frames Back in Stock

New Lower Price! Use drone comb in the spring and summer to trap varroa mites and reduce the mite population as much as 50%, without using chemicals! When the drone brood … Continue reading

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June/July Colony Management

The honey flow is at peak now! You should be seeing fresh white wax and a lot of nectar coming into your colonies. Ideally, you have fewer strong colonies rather … Continue reading

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May Colony Management

Your spring goal? Help your bees reach maximum colony population at blackberry blossom in June. The bee brood developing right now is going to bring in the food that provisions … Continue reading

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New Products

We are excited to be carrying some new products for you to try.  Click on the links for detailed product descriptions and ordering information. COMBCAPPER:  Turn your honey bucket into … Continue reading

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April Colony Management

Are you ready for a busy spring? The image in this post was taken on March 23rd of this year. Every box in the hive was boiling with bees. Judging … Continue reading

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Frame Wiring Tutorial

Wiring your frames is a necessary step to ensure your precious honey frames come out of the extractor in one piece and your gorgeous frames of brood remain tightly in … Continue reading

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March: The Starving Month

It is March in the Willamette Valley and we are finally getting some much-needed rain. Unfortunately, the timing is not ideal for your bees. March is the most common month … Continue reading

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Oregon Queens!

Oregon’s rainy springs make it notoriously difficult to raise local queens. Historically, true Oregon stock has been out of the reach for most beekeepers. That is why Nectar Bee Supply … Continue reading

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Bees and kids

At Nectar Bee Supply we love bees of course, but we also love kids.  It is very important to us to give back to the community.  One way is by helping educate young people … Continue reading

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Winter Provisions

Are you dreaming of an abundant summer for your bees? It’s not too early to help them get started! Here are some things you should add to your January task … Continue reading

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