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Class – Preparing Your Bees For Winter

Winters in the Pacific Northwest can be tough on your bees – we have tips and strategies to help you successfully overwinter your colony and bring them into spring. Topics … Continue reading

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SALE! – Mite Away Quick Strips

Fall is quickly approaching, and our bees need to be at their best as they prepare for winter.  If you have sampled your bees and know you have a mite … Continue reading

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Honey Extractor Rental Package – Available Now!

Extracting your honey just got easier!  Investing in extracting equipment can be a big expense for a hobby beekeeper, so we’ve put together a top-of-the-line extractor rental package that enables … Continue reading

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Honey Harvesting Supplies Now In Stock

Hopefully this has been a successful year for your foragers and you have stacks of boxes to harvest!  We now have a large range of honey extracting, filtering, and bottling … Continue reading

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Beekeeper’s Task List – June

June Colony Management Ready or not, blackberry season is here! The honey flow is at peak now. You should be seeing fresh white wax and a lot of nectar coming … Continue reading

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Beekeeper’s Task List – July

by Karessa Torgerson What you do in July will have a measurable impact on your colony’s chance of winter survival.  Bees raised after this month must endure the long, wet … Continue reading

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Beekeeper’s Task List – April

Pacific Northwest springs can be tough on both bees and their keepers! Just about everything you do in spring should be geared toward helping your bees reach peak population at … Continue reading

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Now is the Season for Drone Frames

Use drone comb in the spring and summer to trap varroa mites and reduce the mite population as much as 50%, without using chemicals! When the drone brood is capped, … Continue reading

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Beekeeper’s Task List – March

All over the valley, honey bee colonies are booming. Many are more than ready to be split, but splitting can be a risky proposition this early in the year. Queens … Continue reading

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Shipping Now Available

We are now offering shipping anywhere in the United States, tax-free from Oregon!  As we get our shipping department off the ground, and to give you the best shipping rates … Continue reading

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