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April Colony Management

swarmyAre you ready for a busy spring? The image in this post was taken on March 23rd of this year. Every box in the hive was boiling with bees. Judging by some of the hives around here one would think it is June.

Here comes the rain again! The forecast looks pretty wet over the next week and your bees will probably need help. There are thousands of very hungry bee larvae in the colonies thanks to the great weather we’ve been having. If the bees can’t get out to forage they could run out of food in a matter of days. Help them prevent brood starvation with protein and syrup.

All that beautiful brood means that Varroa mite numbers are also growing fast. We’ve already seen a number of Varroa problems this year, including Deformed Wing Virus! Count your mites now and if necessary, treat. Formic acid can be used when daytime temperatures are at least 50 and Api Life Var requires average daytime temperatures of at least 59. Follow label instructions closely when using these products!

If you don’t know how to count mites, consider the Nectar Bee Supply pest and pathogen testing service. We’ll show you how to get an accurate count so you can do it on your own in the future.

It’s time to start swarm prevention measures if you haven’t already. If your bees are fully out of the bottom box and you haven’t reversed hive bodies yet, do so as soon as you can.

Get those frames and boxes built and painted now. There is already open nectar in some of the hives. If things go well this could be a really great year!

Finally, keep a watch out for wax moths in stored equipment. The warm weather brings them on strong.

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