Corvallis, Oregon

About Us


Jen, Karessa, and Melanie working a booth at Shonnard’s in the early days of our business.

Nectar Bee Supply at Shonnard’s is a locally owned and operated business devoted to supporting bees and their keepers.  We cater to beginning and experienced beekeepers as well as people interested in supporting honeybees and native bees in their own gardens and in their communities.  We provide high quality beekeeping equipment in addition to expert hive services, instruction, and support.  Your success at beekeeping is our number one priority!

We are excited to announce that Nectar Bee Supply has officially joined the Shonnard’s family.  Shonnard’s Nursery has been a big supporter of us from the beginning, and shares our philosophy of great customer service, education, and support of the local community.

Jen, Karessa, and Mel will still be running the business, and you can expect the same support and service as we continue to grow and expand.  Our new store will provide an expanded selection of products available 7 days a week, more class offerings, and the ability to shop Shonnard’s selection of bee-friendly plants and seeds for your garden.

A big thanks to every one of you for your support of our home grown business.  We have had a wonderfully successful two years thanks to you all.  Your choice to support your local beekeeping store has made it possible for us to grow and thrive, and helped to create Corvallis’ very own beekeeping store.

Jen_02Jen Larsen – Manager and Co-founder; Beekeeping Specialist
Jen runs the store, researches new products, teaches classes, and coordinates events.

Get to Know Jen…
Beekeeping provides her with an intensely absorbing and challenging hobby, access to a community of inspiring people, and the skills to house an army of pollinators in her own backyard.  She likes the way her heart races when bees crawl over her bare skin, when beeswax gets under her nails, and how spilled nectar makes her fingers sticky. Her advice to beginning beekeepers is to jump in with both hands.

A landscape architect in a past life, she is a certified Apprentice Beekeeper and currently both a Journey level student and a mentor in the Oregon Master Beekeeper Program. She is also active in the Linn-Benton Beekeeper’s Association and a member of the Oregon State Beekeeper’s Association.

Jen blogs about messy honey situations and the joys of bee stings at Honeybee Reverie.


KaressaKaressa Torgerson – Co-founder
Karessa provides comprehensive beekeeper support through consulting, courses, and materials. She is actively involved with Jen and Mel, planning the Nectar Bee Supply bee school and other events, and supporting Jen with supplies and content as needed.

Get to know Karessa…

Karessa is an EAS Master Beekeeper who loves helping new beekeepers discover their own passion for bees. She is also working towards certification in Washington and Oregon. Her bee interests include swarms, brood analysis, drones, propolis, and bee nutrition.  She is available for consultations, hive assessments, pathogen and pest testing, classes, and public speaking engagements.

Karessa writes about bees and the keepers who love them on her blog, Api-curious.




Melanie Sorenson – Co-founder
Melanie presents classes and speaks about gardening and pollinator-related topics throughout the state. Melanie can also be found at Nectar’s larger events where she enjoys helping beekeepers find the information and supplies they need for best success.

Get to know Melanie…

Melanie is an avid organic gardener with a background in environmental science and science education.  She enjoys sharing her love of gardening, pollinators and the natural world with all ages.  Melanie speaks about gardening and bees throughout the state.  She is also a flutist and performs with various groups throughout the Willamette Valley.

Melanie muses about gardens and life at her blog, Gardenwanderings.

Community Involvement

We are committed to building strong relationships in our community!
Our associations and collaborations include:

Corvallis Independent Business Alliance (CIBA)
Corvallis Sustainability Coalition
LBCC Small Business Development Center
Linn-Benton Beekeepers Association (LBBA)
Oregon State Beekeepers Association
Corvallis Environmental Center (CEC) – Edible Corvallis Initiative and SAGE Garden
“Buzz About Benton” Hive Tour 2013
Linus Pauling Institute Healthy Youth Program
Slow Food Eugene
Humane Society
Oregon State Correctional Facility beekeeping program



2 comments on “About Us

  1. Mark Luterra
    January 8, 2013

    So three of my favorite bloggers go into business together…

    I love your logo. Symmetry with a local wildflower, and symbolic representation of the three of you.

    • nectarbeesupply
      January 9, 2013

      Thanks, Mark! We were excited to see your name here. We love your blog too.

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